Fine Motor Skills Activities

Looking for More Fine Motor Skills Activities for Preschoolers?

Fine Motor Skills Activities
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Small Building Blocks Activities:

Small building blocks give children an opportunity to develop their fine motor skills while engaging in another fun activity.

Grabbing and stacking blocks is great as you will notice when a child grabs a block they will usually use all of their fingers, when stacking, they will have to maneuver the block into their fingers to balance it on top of another block.  Hand-eye coordination is also involved in this activity making it a wonderfully educational challenge.

* Looking for some great fine motor skills activities and developmental toys?


Coloring Activities:

Coloring is a favorite activity among children.  Using child sized crayons and colored pencils will help children develop the pencil grasp.  Coloring sheets are very popular with children but keep in mind it’s much more effective to use blank paper to allow the children to move their crayons/pencils around the paper freely.

Playing with Play Dough Activities:

Playing with play dough is another great activity.  I like to make the play dough with the children as a science activity and then let them mold and manipulate it with their hands and fingers.  I usually give the children time to work with the play dough for a little while with no tools.  I then add tools in such as small rollers, cookie cutters, popsicle sticks, scissors, etc. The children will have a blast with this activity while engaging in a great fine motor development exercise.

Play Dough Recipe:

By incorporating these activities into your everyday program planning, you are providing all children with fun activities which in turn have an educational purpose in the growth and development of all children.

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