Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers

More Fine Motor Activities for Preschool Children:


Fine Motor Activities for Preschoolers & Young Children
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Glueing Activities for Fine Motor Development:

Glueing is another great fine motor activity for children. This activity is fun and a very popular one with children. Needless to say this activity should be introduced during art time.  There are a variety of ways to glue which will give children the ability to use their hands in different ways, using different fine motor muscles. 

Glue sticks give children the ability to twist the bottom with their fingers to slide the glue up and then hold the glue stick with their hand using light pressure to spread glue on their paper. 

Glue bottles give children the ability to squeeze the bottle with their fingers in order to release the glue onto their paper.

Glue pots with mini spatulas give children the ability to hold the spatula with their fingers dip it in the glue pot and then spread the glue on their paper.

My suggestion would be to use each one of these gluing activities in the classroom at different times in order for the children to have the chance to engage in each one.  Having fun things to glue will also make art enjoyable.  Glitter pieces, small shapes, stickers, etc. are just a small example of some things you can put on the art shelf to help make gluing fun and also make the children use their fine motor muscles to manipulate the pieces and use them for gluing.

Tape Dispenser for Fine Motor Development:

Tape in a tape dispenser is always a fun activity.  Most children love the challenge of trying to pull the tape and rip it off the end and then use it on paper.  Using tape is a simple yet effective way for children to use their fine motor muscles.

Using Books for Fine Motor Activities:

Books are great for getting children to use their fingers to turn the pages.

Playing House for Fine Motor Activities:

Playing House is great for fine motor development as long as you plan for it.  Providing the right tools will give children the chance to use their fine motor muscles.  In a house themed activity, adding in tools like child sized play utensils, cups, plates, pots, pans, food items, and dress up clothes will provide a wide variety of opportunity for children to use their fine motor muscles.

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