Fine Motor Activity for Grasping & Hand Eye Skills Development

Grasping & Eye Hand Co-ordination Skills Fine Motor Activity for Preschoolers:

Fine motor skills are crucial for continued physical development and hand eye co-ordination development of young children’s small muscles of the hands and fingers etc. Coming up with new activities for development really gets you as a teacher, parent or care provider thinking outside of the box.  We must think of various grasping, pinching and pulling activities to assist the children in building and developing the small muscles and fine motor muscles.

The educational video above describes an excellent activity your children will love to do. You will need a toy play hammer. Many preschool classroom that have an activity or workcenter will usually have something like this. If not you can always visit your local toy retailer or dollar store to find a small plastic play hammer.

You will also need a small styrofoam block. This particular styrofoam block can be found in any craft department or craft store. It is less dense than regular styrofoam and is softer. This means that it will not break away or crumble the same as regular styrofoam.

You then will need a small bag of golf tees.

You can then have the children and preschoolers work on grasping the golf tees one at a time and placing it onto the styrofoam block and tapping the golf tee in using the toy hammer.  The styrofoam block makes it much more challenging for the children to tap the tee into the block, however, if you don’t have the styrofoam block you can have the children tap the golf tees into playdough. Playdough is much less challenging for the kids though.

This fine motor activity helps to develop grip strength, hand eye co-ordination as well as other small muscles of the fingers and hands. The children in your care will love to do this fun activity and will be developing different skills at the same time.

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