Playdough for Fine Motor – Sensory Development in Kids

Playdough is great for fine motor development andsensory activities for children.

Fine motor development in children is about getting preschoolers, young children and special needs children to develop the small muscles of their hands and fingers. These small muscles of the hands and fingers are used in daily, routine activities such as drawing, writing, doing up buttons and snaps, pulling zippers etc. When helping children to develop these small muscles of the hands and fingers etc. why not try fun things they enjoy doing?

Playdough is something that most preschool children enjoy. It comes in big blobs of color and it can be molded, pulled apart, rolled and flattened. Rolling playdough, pulling playdough apart and flattening it out or shaping it into objects is all fantastic fine motor development ideas and exercise to build up the small muscles in your child’s hands and fingers.

Sensory Activities Included As Well:

Playdough is soft and squishy. Playdough is bright and colorful and can come in different scents or smells that the children in your care will love. This makes using playdough with your children a sensory activity as well as a fine motor activity.

Don’t have playdough? You can always buy it at your local retailer like Walmart etc. Or you can always make your own play dough recipe at home using common everyday ingredients or simple ingredients found in your retailers baking aisle.

 Make Your Own Playdough For Sensory & Small Muscle Development:

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