Straw Cutting Fine Motor Skills Activity for Children

Cutting Drinking straws for small muscle and fine motor development in kids.

This fine motor skills activity for children to help in developing their small muscles is a two fold development activity for preschoolers. It is a  great activity exercises for fine motor development as werll as a great colorful, sensory bin idea for the children in your care.

First you purchase packages of colorful drinkinking straws for this fine motor activity. You can use a small plastic tote or other container to use a s the sensory bin.

You have the preschool children take their rounded scissors (for obvious safety reasons) and grab a straw and cut it into little pieces of various sizes into the bin. Smoe pieces of the starw maybe bigger, some pices will be smaller but you let the children cut the colorful straws into small pieces.

*Be sure to provide proper SUPERVISION if children are at the phase of putting things into their mouths.

Cutting the starw pieces using the scissors is a great way to build and develop the small muscles of your children’s hands and is great for fine motor skills development.

Sensory Bin:

The bright colorful straw pieces which have fallen into the plastic bin make for a fun sensory bin. The preschool children will love to see the colors and put their small hands into the bin to feel all the small pieces of the plastic straws. You can keep this bin for years to come and keep adding to it. You could even add arger plastic drinking straws into the mix to give a different sensory experience for the children and preschoolers.

Check out the video for the fun exercises and activities for children.

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