Fine Motor Exercises for Building Finger Strength

Hand and finger strengthing exercises for developing the small muscles of the hand in children.

Fine Motor activities are important for all preschool  and young children when developing. It is important for children to learn to use their small muscles of their fingers and hands each and everyday. The video below shows some fine motor exercise and hand strengthening exercises to help children in this area, more importantly in the area of special needs children so that the small muscles of the hand and fingers develop and are being used properly.

The small muscle development activities video shows various excercises to help develop hand strength using a type of finger pushing exercises to help the fingers open easily from a closed fist appling a bit of resistance to help build small muscles. Other developmental activities are done as well which include peeling stickers off of backing paper and making fun creations by sticking the stickers to paper. It is the peeling and the work of separating the stickers or decals from the backing paper and re-sticking them on paper that helps in small muscle development.

The final activity involves playing a simple game of tug o war. A simple small towel or similar material is used to have the child grasp tightly while resisting the adult on the other end who is applyingsteady, constant pulling resistance. The tug o war helps the child to develop strength in the hands and fingers as they try to pull the person the other end. *Be careful that this exercise is done with light resistance and done safely where the child or your self does not fall  and get hurt. It is meant to be for fun and using gentle, light resistance to build hand strength.

 Fine Motor Exercises for Developing  Hand and Finger Strength in Children:

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