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Fine Motor Skills and Gross Motor Activities for Preschool Children

Fine Motor & Gross Motor Skills Activities

Fine Motor Skills Development for Children is an essemtial part of their growing & development.

Providing children with a solid educational background is important for their overall development and success in their coming school grades and in life. Preschool education and preschool learning should be a variety of well balanced activities and lessons dealing with various subject areas and preschool routines that will help them with various life skills and learning. Fine motor skills and gross motor skills are other essential areas which need to be used with preschool children for their overall physical development.

Fine Motor Skills Activities:

Fine motor activities involve the small muscles of the hands. Activities that involve children using these small muscles usually are helpful for contributing towards fine motor development. Activities which involve things like grasping, manipulating play dough and squeezing it with the hands, cutting various paper materials with children’s scissors etc. and many more.

On this fine motor skills website we will discuss various activities for development. Be sure to have a look through all our areas for ideas and activities you can use to assist children and preschoolers in their fine motor skills.

There are also a variety of finger play activities and lessons that will be added or are currently found on this website. These are great for your childrens finger muscles and small hand muscles etc. Playsets, like Little Tikes Kitchen playsets, can be terrific options for pre k children.

The reason is that they replicate kitchen settings and appliances with a variety of knobs, dials, handles, switches and utensils all which help to with fine motor development and provide great fun for children. There are some great kitchen playsets available for you and your children with free shipping options if you are looking to add some fun to your child’s daily routine.

 Gross Motor Skills Activities:

Gross motor skills and  activities really isn’t the focus of this motor skills website. However, since the 2 both pertain to the overall physical development of children and preschoolers we will also have various activities thoughout the website discussing this as well.

Gross motor skills activities have a focus on the larger muscles of the body of children. Activities like running, kicking a soccer ball, creative movement activities and riding a bike are activities which focus on these gross motor areas. If you take the time and look through our website, you will discover many ideas and activities for developing your children in both these important areas.


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